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We are extremely proud of the feedback we have received from our clients over the years for the professionalism, quality of work and our commitment to their business.  Below are a few testimonials from a sampling of our clients.

Green Flash Brewing

​​"...providing excellent insight, advice and recommendations in layman's terms with various insurance products and with very quick turnaround time."

~ Steve Goodger, CFO


Churchill's Pub and Grille


"The Sheetz team is prompt, professional and great with communication.  My first year with them resulted in substancial savings from my previous broker."


~ Ivan Derezin, Owner


Mother Earth Brew Co.


"Eric And Royce helped me understand our business insurance needs and provided effective solutions that make me confident our business is protected, and for the best price possible.  They proactively monitor changes in our business to ensure that our policy continues to fit our dynamic business needs throughout the year - one less thing for us to worry about!"


~ Sally Cullerton, Contoller


Standing Stone Brewing Co.


"Our needs are diverse with a brewery, restaurant and farm.  Eric and Royce easily helped us meet all our coveage needs as they are both knowledgeable and professional providing exceptional service."

~ Don Stoudt, CFO


Artifex Brewing Co.


"Eric and his team are as dedicated to the craft beer industries just as much as we are.  The response we received was professional and welcoming, always with our best interest in mind.  We love the fact they are a family operated business just like us.  Keep up the good work!"


~ Nicolas Cordato, Co-Founder


Booze Brothers Brewing


"We were in a crunch to get insurance coverage in place so we could get the keys to our new building.  Eric and Royce were able to place coverage with a competitve insurnace company who actually writes Microbreweries, and Fast!  You guys rock!"


~ Dave Firth, Owner


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